The dictionary definition of custom is "made to personal order or specifications".  A number of builders and remodelers refer to themselves as "custom", but they don't fit the definition.  Many only allow their clients to make selections from a limited variety of products that they get inexpensively, or impose large markups on any changes the Homeowner would like to make. We don't believe that allowing you to select between two colors of tile makes that a custom selection.

Although we work from other Designers' and Architects' plans, Regent Builders of Va, LLC designs approximately 75% of the projects we complete in both new homes and remodeling. There can sometimes be a disconnect between how a project appears on paper and how it can safely and correctly be constructed, an element which is critical in remodeling and dealing with existing conditions in a home. When we design a project we are able to do so in the same fashion that we would construct it since our designer is also the builder. We have found this to be a savings to us both in reduced design errors and a shorter completion timeline and is such a benefit that we do not charge for our design work when you work with us to complete your project.

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